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by Steven Freeman on 22/09/2021

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Do you hate having to stand just a few paces from something to take a decent picture of it with your phone? Do you just have to take a photo of that fox or bird that keeps running off when you even think of moving close enough? Do you want to take that magnificent mountain picture but it’s just too darn far away? Well you’re in luck, this new telescopic lens is going to solve all your problems.

Traveling is fun. Watching the birds, the animals, the beautiful vistas, one would naturally want to record these and take some pictures. But it’s not always easy, even basically impossible at time without the proper equipment.

And thus we, the common enthusiasts of the outdoors, have to leave the best shots to those with the money to afford the expensive equipment necessary. Left to zoom in on our phone pictures and see the heavily pixelated mountaintop that looked so good when we were there.

But do we really have to leave it to the “professionals”? Some Swedish engineers disagree. Their new telescopic lens is set to change everything.

An Alternative to Big Lens Cameras?

This little technologically impressive tube is called the ZoomShot Pro, the brainchild of Swedish engineers who were challenged by their university to find a more efficient method to create a telescopic zoom lens.

The result is an 8 inch tube that magnifies up to x18! Allowing common people like us to take amazing pictures of distant objects without having to spend our entire paycheck at the camera store.

Boasting every comfort feature you’ll ever need from anti shake to night vision, it’s safe to say we were very excited to get our hands on the ZoomShot Pro.

What Makes It Special?

Ok now bear with us here cause it’s about to get technical. The Swedish engineers were the first ever to use nano etching technology, nano array technology, mesoporous assembly technology, thin-film mosaic technology and nano optical materials to make the flatness error of the lens barely 10 nano meters, with the luminous flex reaching 30 times that of a regular telescope with the same diameter and a resolution angle 47 times (!) that of said regular telescope.
What does all this science speak actually mean? Well, in layman’s terms, despite how simple it is to operate, it’s very advanced.
But you wouldn’t be able to tell from just looking at it tugged into its nice carrying bag. It looked just like an ordinary telescope to our untrained eye. But we were wrong.
Each member of the office tried the device for a while with different goals. Some took photos of birds, the beach, mountains. 
We all settled back in to make a more comprehensive feature list for the ZoomShot Pro:
X18 image magnification with a 15mm eyepiece – really you will not find anything that even comes close to this level of zoom at this size. You can see a person standing 6 miles away! A true marvel of technology.
Anti-Shake system and advanced tripod with dedicated phone grip – they obviously didn’t expect you to hold it up to your phone and let your hand shaking ruin everything. ZoomShot Pro has you covered.
Manual Focus – no lens is complete without focus to create some sweet swet depth of field. Blur the background to make your subject pop out like a pro.
Built in night vision – for when you want to use it in low light.
Extremely durable – a titanium shell which is shock and break resistant, a good fit for any extreme trip you have planned. It’s water proof, dustproof, really you could probably use it as a bat. And all that in just 1.1 pounds of weight!
Compatible with mobile phone cameras – basically if you phone fits in the adjustable grip, you can easily use it paired with the ZoomShot Pro. Pictures looked particularly nice with our iphone 11.
Ok, ok. So it’s good. We’re sold. We want one of these for our next trip. But how much of our travel budget would go for this privilege of seeing things no one else can?
Well the usual retail price of the ZoomShot Pro is an affordable 134$. More than a fair price considering the absolute marvel of nano technology it provides. But it gets better. Much better. The company has decided that everyone needs to know of this technological revolution and have launched a special sale, giving the ZoomShot Pro away at 50% discount! With free world-wide shipping! You can currently get it for just 67$!
The ZoomShot Pro has definitely impressed us. It really is a one of a kind travel companion that can make your traveling absolutely amazing. We whole heartedly recommend it. Get it, get it while it’s still on sale.

But don’t just take our word for it. These people loved the ZoomShot Pro:

“I love nature and traveling and while wide panning shots of the landscape fill my ig, there was always stuff that I really wanted to take pictures of that I was simply too far from. A boat in the distance, some nice quaint hut on top of a hill. You could barely see them in my photos. Then I find this little traveling companion of a telescope and I don’t need to point at specific parts of the pictures and tell people to squint to be able to see what I photographed haha.”

“WOW. Just. WOW. We wanted to make our trip to the safari unforgettable and found this while looking for cameras. The lion is sleeping far away from the vehicle track? No problem, zoom right in. can’t seem to find the cheetah hiding in the grass? No problem just look around with this one. Struggling to take a photo of the bats coming out at night? Easy, nightvision! This really made our trip so much better than it would have been, and it’s so cheap but so goood!”

“I like to go hunting in autumn when the birds start migrating south. I used to have a pair of binoculars that were like, I dunno, x50 zoom? On paper? Nothing I ever had even came close to the quality of this scope. I could spot a bird perching atop a tree from distances I didn’t know were possible without some military grade stuff three times the size. Amazing stuff.”

Conclusion: Should You Get The ZoomShot Pro?

Total Score


Build Quality
Value of Money

Absolutely 100%!

Do you like taking good photos? It’s small and compact and the price is amazing and really we don’t see why you’d want to buy a brand new camera and lens for 10x the price to get the same effect, minus cool features like night vision. ZoomShot Pro is one of the best travel gadgets since the invention of the waterproof 4K selfie cameras, except way more affordable. Get it and start exploring the land for some impressive shots. You won’t regret it. And before the sale ends!

Conclusion: Should You Get The ZoomShot Pro?

Now that you’re aware that such a useful little contraption exists, you must really want to know where one gets it, so here’re the simple steps:
Step 1: We recommend ordering an original ZoomShot Pro from the official website by clicking here.
Step 2: Crack it open, attach it to your phone and take some amazing shots no one else could see (literally).

TIP : The ZoomShot Pro is selling out fast right now. We highly recommend placing order fast by clicking the button below before this promotion ends!